Truck Wreckers Dandenong

Apart from featuring high levels of migrant settlement and cultural diversity, Dandenong is more popular for being a Melbourne destination for shopping, leisure, family bonding, and entertainment. Even if it’s about 30 km away from The City, many Aussies and tourists flock here because of attractions and go-to spots like Dandenong Plaza, Grants Picnic Ground, Dandenong Market, Dandenong Ranges, and the Mornington Peninsula Beach. If you’re looking to go to place where you can take your loved one, family, colleagues, or mates, Dandenong surely won’t disappoint.

Since the 20th century, Dandenong has been a major manufacturing and commercial area. Most of the successful companies here are into construction, furniture making, metal fabrication, glass and wood products, and retail trade. Today, Dandenong is in the process of major urban renewal as part of Melbourne’s 2030 Strategy.

truck wreckers dandenong
2011 Hino 300 Dropside 8 14 Truck

And now that we’re talking about business, let’s just say that these manufacturing, fabrication, and construction companies depend a lot on the use of medium-duty, heavy-duty, and specialised trucks. And if they have been doing these since the turn of the 20th century, don’t you think that their big trucks are already tired, damaged, and overworked? If they aren’t mechanically dead by now, they are more or less bearing the consequences of using an old and beat-up truck. That’s where we, Advance Truck Wreckers, come in.

We are among the established and reputable truck wreckers Dandenong has been relying on for many decades. And modesty aside, without companies like us, Dandenong’s environment and residents (besides your company) would surely suffer from the negative effects caused by those unwanted cars or old and junk trucks. So if your business still keeps and uses a truck that’s already due for disposal, then don’t think twice. Trust our team of Dandenong wreckers and recyclers. We’ll make sure that your old rig won’t cause further harm to your trade, your community, and Mother Nature. Schedule your free truck removal service now!