About Truck Wreckers

Trucks are simply necessities for doing any kind of business. Without them, many industries could be permanently crippled. Given that mere importance, among all vehicles, they are also the most susceptible to different kinds of serious damages - because of everyday use and long-distance transports. So even you do your very best to keep them in good running condition for a long period of time, you simply can’t stop them from eventually reaching the end of their working lives.

For the last two decades, we have been the go-to old and scrap truck removal companies of many private and business clients in Melbourne. Today, we continue to better our services in order to keep up with the rapidly growing industry for reliable cash for trucks companies in the country.

As you read on and explore our website, we are hopeful that we’ll be able to include you in our list of loyal clients.

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Why Choose Us

We are Licensed Experts

Being members of the registered Licensed Motor Car Traders in Melbourne, we make sure to only hire competent truck drivers, mechanics, truck wreckers, dismantlers, operators, and vehicle appraisers. We will never jeopardize our client’s welfare by accepting incompetent professionals in our team.

We are Available Anytime

Your needs are our first priority. That just goes without saying that we are the ones who will adjust to your busy schedules. We are available to provide you our truck removal services 7 days a week. If you want it on the same day or booked in advance, it’s your call. We’ll be there at the most convenient time for you.

We are Fully Equipped

Because we are dealing with big and heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, we make sure to always have complete and up-to-date equipment. This enables us to efficiently haul-off, transport, truck dismantling, and recycle all kinds of old and scrap truck parts. In addition, we always see to it that we don’t lack in manpower to provide for all your truck removal needs.

We'll Come to You

We know how time is so precious to you and your business. With that, we won’t ever put you through any hassle with regards to disposing and removing your old trucks. We will travel to your business location or to the place where you have been keeping that old rig. We service all areas in Melbourne including its surrounding suburbs. Just tell us where, and we’ll be there.

We Do It for Free

As it is our calling and ultimate passion to dispose irredeemable and unwanted trucks, we owe it to our clients to give our free removal service. There’s no catch. Upon arriving at your place to get your truck, we will never ever surprise you with additional travel charges, service fees, and other hidden costs.

We Offer the Best Deals

Think of it as our way of thanking you for choosing us to get your aged, expired, and wrecked truck. We have a wide network of cash for trucks and truck wrecking companies, providing us with the means to top any price offer that you may have gotten. We want you to make the most out that truck you have invested into, even it’s for the last time.

Advance Truck Wreckers

truck wreckers

We aim to be your long-term business partners.

Advance Truck Wreckers, just like other business, rely solely on their clients in order to build and keep their reputation. That’s exactly the reason why one of our core values is to keep our customers happy and satisfied, ALWAYS. We understand how big of an investment that truck was. So even if it’s already on the final straw, we are determined to help you get the most out of that big purchase. To start off, we’ll help you recover some of the expenses you have made just to keep your old truck running. We’ll provide you top dollar for selling your truck to us and we also offer free removal service.

We’ll never waste any of your precious time. We’ll be there to take your truck at exactly the date and time you want it to be taken away. We’ll protect you and your business’ rights and welfare by ensuring a legal and binding transaction. Then after everything's said and done, we’ll even take care of all the documentation for you.

We hope that as you experience having the need to get a new truck for your trade, you’ll always rely on us to help you conveniently dispose of your old and scrap trucks. We ultimately want to do that for you for many years ahead.

Together, we’ll help the economy and the environment.

Many companies today take part in promoting eco-friendly and sustainable business practices. By opting to work with us, you’ll immediately be of help to mother Earth as well as our country’s economy. For every truck that is removed and dismantled, we make sure that there is no part or component that is neglected and put into waste. Even if they are no longer useful to running your trade, they are still worthy of fulfilling their final purpose.

Each old truck, regardless of its size and condition, is carefully dismantled by our team of experts. They are masters in differentiating the good from the bad parts. Those that are still good and working are refurbished to a ‘like-new’ condition, tested, and then resold to car and truck owners who are in search of such truck parts. For the truck components which are simply irredeemable and totally ruined, they are scrapped and recycled to become quality metal made for making new auto parts - saving lots of natural resources needed to make new cars. And lastly, all the toxic wastes from your vehicle are made sure to be carefully disposed through our safe and eco-friendly facility.

Being our partners in business is a sure win-win situation for all parties directly and indirectly involved. Convinced enough? Pick up that phone now and dial 0405 063 700 to speak with our friendly and accommodating staff. They are happy to be of help to you and your business.

truck wreckers

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