Cash for Old Trucks

For most private and passenger vehicles, their owners hold on to them at an average of 5 years so that they could still resell and make the most money out of old cars. But that isn’t the case when we’re talking about trucks and other commercial vehicles. Because businesses put in a lot of money just to buy efficient trucks for their trade, they would have to maximise and use them up until they’re simply too old to function.

Honestly, we couldn’t really tell you how long should your truck last before you need to dispose them because it all depends on many factors like: how well you have taken care of it; if it is overused (as it’s the only truck you have); if you’re already the 2nd or 3rd owner of that truck; and a lot more. But as leaders in the cash for old trucks Melbourne industry, what we can tell you now is that, holding on to a working yet aging truck isn’t going to do your business any good. Read up and we’ll tell you more about it.


Advance Truck Wreckers truly understands that your company’s operations rely much on your truck/s. Whether you are in manufacturing, trading, construction, mining, farming, or logistics, without a functional and efficient truck, your business will be nothing.

Yes, an old but running truck could still do its functions. However, you must face the fact that it is slowly degrading the quality of your product or service. You may have already experienced product delivery delays, job backlogs, disappointed and irate clients, destruction or spoilage of products, and the like. And trust us, you’ll be getting more of that if you insist on using a tired and aging commercial vehicle.

Moreover, you’ll be facing more operational expenses than usual. Because that old trucks keep on getting broken, you endlessly have to send it to the repair shop and purchase expensive replacement parts. Not to mention, you will have to pay for more gas expenses. An old vehicle simply uses up more gas as it ages. This is where you need to consider cash for old trucks.

cash for old trucks
cash for oldtruck


Before you get buried deep in the expenses and business setbacks caused by your poor old truck, make a smart business decision now before it’s too late. The only way for you to put a halt to more headaches and dangers it’ll cause you is to get rid of your truck as soon as possible.

And doing so won’t be as much of a hassle as you think. As a matter of fact, it’s easy peasy when you choose Advance Truck Wreckers to help you. Because of our two decades of experience in cash for old trucks industry and being reputable Melbourne old truck buyers, we will be able to help you easily and properly dispose of that unwanted truck. And as sort of a reward for choosing wisely, we will even provide you up to $15,999 cash for old trucks plus a free truck removal service. Our token of gratitude and our way of helping you get a new and efficient commercial vehicle for your business.

Does that sound good enough for you? Well if it is, don’t hesitate and speak with our friendly and dependable staff now. We are eager to hear your queries and concerns as we are most excited to be able to help you for your old truck disposal needs. Rest assured that you will experience great service with Advance Truck Wreckers.