Mitsubishi Truck Wreckers

It was in the year 1980 when the Japan-based carmaker decided to market its vehicles in Australia. Not only are they famous for producing innovative and attractive cars, they are also known for making quality trucks. Mitsubishi’s Fuso truck range is great in having better driving control, durable engines, riding comfort, and fuel efficiency. They have a series of canter trucks, dual cabs, refrigerated trucks, tippers, tray trucks, and more. They are widely used for almost all industries - food and beverage, courier, construction, towing, and machinery, among others.

There's No Way We Can Control Accidents

We would never doubt a Mitsubishi Fuso truck’s driving safety and efficiency. But sometimes, no matter how secure you are with your vehicle and no matter how good you are in defensive driving, you may still be at the mercy of some road accident. We may call it misfortune, bad timing, or a tragedy, but there’s absolutely no way where we can foresee it and eventually avoid it.

If you happen to have a Mitsubishi truck or commercial vehicle that has been a victim of a serious unfortunate incident, what we want to tell you is this: Your only recourse is to move on from that mishap and let go of that truck that is no longer of use to you and your business. We know that it’s a complete pain to have a badly wrecked truck removed and hauled off. But with Advance Truck Wreckers, it is absolutely hassle-free, not to mention, free of charge!

Mitsubishi truck

We'll Take It No Matter How Badly Wrecked It Is

You have done almost anything to let your business move on from that tragedy and get back on your feet after a multitude of trade problems. But even so, you can’t seem to find a way how you can let go of that ugly-looking and totally damaged truck. No private car or truck buyer would even take a look at it. No commercial vehicle dealer would be willing to buy it from you. And not even a local salvage yard could actually accept it.

That is exactly the reason why we always say, when it is about removing an old or damaged truck, Advance Truck Wreckers should always be top of mind! There is no doubt that we’ll happily take your rig off your premises - regardless of its current state - complete or incomplete truck parts, partly damaged or totally wrecked, running or not, we will never ever hesitate to help you out.

So there’s no need to lose hope, Advance Truck Wreckers is one of the best in truck wrecking industry and we are here to be your partners. Speak with our friendly and accommodating staff now and dial this number: 0405 063 700.