Mazda Wreckers Melbourne

The 1960s was a significant time for this Japanese automaker for it was when Mazda has officially entered the Australian market. They have had their fair share of ups and downs in the Aussie automotive industry, but they remained resilient after all these years. And so it’s no doubt that Mazda is now the country’s 5th best-selling car manufacturer and also, the most trusted producer of Australian compact cars. Apart from the all-time favorites like the Mazda 3, Mazda 6, and CX-9, the Mazda BT-50 has seriously contributed to the company’s success as well. This truck that comes in 3 variants such as the single cab, freestyle cab, and dual cab is simply a hit to business owners.

The Mazda BT-50 sure is a great investment for business because of its attractive design, useful driver tech, accurate handling, and overall safety. However, if at one point your trusty Mazda truck gets old, overworked, or worse, damaged due to an accident, there’s only one smart thing you can do: sell it. And your best choice? Working with us, Advance Truck Wreckers.

Let our Mazda wreckers take care of everything for you.

Because our team of expert Mazda wreckers, dismantlers, removalists and recyclers has been doing this for more than two decades, there is no way that we won’t be able to provide for your vehicle disposal needs. Advance Truck Wreckers is here to make everything easy for you. If you want it removed quickly within the day, we’ll make it happen. If you need us to take care of the auto salvage documents, it’ll be our pleasure to do that for you. If you want us to match or beat the highest price offer you have gotten, we’ll work it out for you. All you have to do is one thing: trust our company. Trust that our team of dedicated professionals got the best hands to handle your old and wrecked Mazda vehicles - regardless of their year model or condition.

Mazda Truck Wreckers

Our Mazda truck wreckers use only eco-friendly tools and techniques.

If we still haven’t mentioned it yet, we want you to know that our company’s primary mission is to reduce pollution and other negative impacts on the environment caused by old and used trucks and cars. Our wreckers, removalists, dismantlers, mechanics, and recyclers are experienced and constantly trained to adhere to the latest EPA standards.

Many kinds of toxic chemicals come from cars that are old, rusting, and damaged. And if they’re not disposed of properly, they’ll harm our soil, air, and water. We are committed to help with that. Moreover, by recycling and reusing parts from old cars, we will be able to lessen the need to use more natural resources to make new cars.

If you do not want your old Mazda truck to contribute to harming the environment, simply let us take them from your hands and support our advocacy. Even a single truck from you would do a great difference.