Isuzu Truck Wreckers

It was in the late 1970s when General Motors Holden Ltd. decided to market Isuzu vehicles in Australia. But officially, Isuzu Australia Limited was only born last 2005. Since then, Isuzu utes, SUVs, and trucks are widely used in all kinds of small, medium, and large sized companies. From shipping, vehicle transport, manufacturing, to construction companies, all use Isuzu trucks and utes. Why? Their vehicles have been tried and tested by Aussies to be highly fuel-efficient, safe, and durable. During the last part of 2016, it is named as Australia’s leading truck brand. According to T-Mark, for every 4 trucks sold in the country, one of those is sure to be from the Isuzu brand. Currently, they market 5 kinds of truck ranges as well as models for specialised purposes.

Trucks and Commercial Vehicles Age a Bit Faster

Some people believe that there are only 3 things that are constant in this world: bills, taxes, and aging. Well, those are only experienced by us humans. But AGING is something that everyone and everything in this world experiences. Trucks and all kinds of vehicles are no exceptions. Even if they’re considered machines, they will still age. They also have expiration or due dates.

Technically, all material things that are used more often will of course age and deteriorate faster. Thus, trucks are on the top of the list. They are used almost 24/7. They are often on long transports. Their capabilities are usually maximised by their owners or operators. And even though they are made specifically to do those, that doesn’t mean they will last longer than they would.

If you have an Isuzu truck or ute that’s barely alive and kicking, do it a favour by letting it go sooner than later. If you push it until its limits, you are just putting your driver, your crew, and your trade at risk. Advance Truck Wreckers - one of Melbourne’s leading truck buyers and cash for trucks companies is here to welcome your aged and overused Isuzu truck with open arms.

Isuzu Truck Wreckers
Isuzu Truck Wreckers

Earn more for your business by letting go of your truck now.

Like we always say to our clients, Advance Truck Wreckers accepts vehicles regardless of their age and current state. We will pay cash for trucks and cars in all kinds or conditions. But of course, in order to be fair to our clients, those vehicles that are in a better shape (of some sort), will most definitely be bought at a higher price.

And so, if your Isuzu truck is technically useless for your business, if it incurs more expenses than income for your trade, then it’ll be better if you decide to sell it to us as soon as possible. By doing so, you’ll be less stressed and your business could earn more additional income. Being in the vehicle removal and cash for trucks and cars industry for over two decades, we have been proudly delighting our business clients by paying them as much as $15,000 for their trucks.

So make that wise decision for your business now. Call us at 0405 063 700 to arrange your Isuzu truck’s removal. Our friendly and hardworking staff are always eager to help with your needs.