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Toyota vehicles have been in Australia for almost six decades now. And for many years, this popular car brand continues to be the makers of some of Australia’s best-selling cars of all time. But Toyota isn’t only famous for their cars like the Corolla or Camry. They are also one of the top choices of business owners. Some of the top-selling Toyota commercial vehicles are the HiLux (ute or pickup), Hiace (commercial van), and Land Cruisers (light trucks). Because of Toyota’s expertise in providing driving safety, up-to-date technology, and overall value for money, it is no doubt that many Aussie business owners choose to invest in their commercial line.

So since Toyota is a popular Aussie choice for private and commercial vehicles for the longest time, it is but natural if we also see tired, aged, rusted, and damaged Toyota vehicles around, right? That is simply why we, Truck Wreckers Melbourne, are here. Read on, and let us tell you more about it:

Trust our team of expert Toyota wreckers, mechanics, and recyclers.

There is no doubt that your Toyota vehicle has served your business well for many years. With its efficiency, fuel economy, and reliability, it is but natural for you to treasure it so much, that you would try absolutely everything to keep it running. But if that time comes when you really have to let it go, choose the car and truck wrecking company that will make sure it is handled by only the best in the business. Choose Advance Truck Wreckers.

Our team of experts has handled all kinds of Toyota vans, utes, SUVs, trailers, and light trucks for more than two decades now. So you are assured that your once loved vehicle is in good hands. We tell all our clients and assure them that our team only uses the most up-to-date equipment, most capable towing vehicles, and EPA-certified techniques to wreck and recycle the vehicles in an eco-friendly way.

Toyota truck wreckers
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Get top cash only from legitimate Toyota truck wreckers like us.

Even if Toyota is committed to providing value for money, purchasing a Toyota commercial vehicle is still no joke. It is still a big enough purchase and investment for a business. And so when it comes to selling it, it’s but natural that you’d want to get as much money back as possible. It’s good that you know that your Toyota vehicle has served (the most or all of) its purpose, but it’s always better if you’d get a bigger amount of cash from selling it, right? Besides, that money will help a lot in your business. So you don’t have to worry about a thing. Advance Truck Wreckers will take care of that.

Because we are a licensed, certified, and reputable Toyota truck wrecking company, we have the luxury to be able to give our clients top dollar for their vehicles - regardless of their year model or condition.