Cash for Scrap Trucks

Owners of personal and family cars take care of their vehicles to the best that they could. They don’t drive it in poor road conditions and in harsh weather. They always keep it clean and looking good. They sometimes even have a 2nd or 3rd car so it won’t get too tired and used up. But sadly that isn’t the case for trucks and other commercial vehicles. It’s not that the business owners don’t care much about them. It’s just that, they don’t have the luxury to do all those because business operations come first. Whatever the weather, the traffic and road conditions, these trucks must work everyday. Because of that, after a number of years, these vehicles eventually turn into old, damaged, and junk trucks.

That’s where we, Advance Truck Wreckers, come in. When you are already facing some troubles dealing with a scrap truck, we’ve got your back. We have been in the cash for scrap trucks Melbourne market for more than 20 years now. And if you simply want to learn more, read up and we’ll tell you all about it.


Why do some business owners choose to let a big, non-functional, rusty, wrecked, and old truck just lie around in their premises? Is it because they don’t know what to do with it? Is it because they have no means of removing a very big vehicle like that? Is it because they simply couldn’t care less for that truck that serves them no purpose? Or it is all of the above?

Well, Advance Truck Wreckers is here to tell you that getting cash for scrap trucks is not impossible and getting it out of your premises isn’t as difficult and stressful as you think it is. Basically, all you need to do is one thing: tell us that you want our team of experts to remove and dispose that scrap truck and that’s it. We’ll take care of the rest. We specialise in wrecking Isuzu trucks, Ford trucks and Hino trucks.

You may choose to have it taken immediately on the same day or any other day which is most convenient for you. Again, you need not do nor pay for anything. And that eyesore of a truck will be gone right before you know it.

cash for scrap trucks
cash for scrap trucks


Most of you may think that because that damaged truck is non-functional, rusted, wrecked, and simply dead, there isn’t any chance for you to earn some of your money back by selling it to a private scrap truck buyer. Well, we are telling you, that’s where you’re totally wrong! No matter how aged, rotten, useless, and ugly it is, someone will still be there to give you cash for it - and that’s us, Advance Truck Wreckers.

Apart from providing you with instant cash for scrap trucks, we  guarantee that our service will fast and hassle-free. We will wreck your truck regardless of its make, model, and condition, we’ll simply give you a reasonable amount of cash for it, on the spot. We specially love Mazda trucks, Mitsubishi trucks and Nissan trucks.

Our team of expert scrap truck wreckers, vehicle removalists, and auto recyclers will use your truck to help sustain the automotive manufacturing industry, help the economy, and conserve natural resources.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity for you and your business. Speak with our friendly staff to schedule your truck’s pickup so you could get the cash for your scrap truck fast!