3 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Used Truck

Used Truck

If you’re looking to buy a workhorse for the long haul but your capital isn’t enough to get those shiny and fresh ones from the dealership, then opting for a used truck is your best option. Finding used trucks for sale isn’t difficult as there’s simply a lot out there that you can choose from – from the rundown yet useable ones up to second-hand feature-rich trucks that are comfy enough for daily use.

However, when we’re talking about choosing which is the right used truck to buy, then that is the real challenge. Because you’re not just searching for an affordable commercial vehicle, but rather, you’re hoping to get a hold of the one that’ll help you run your business for a long time, no matter the weather.

Since buying a used truck is more complicated than buying a brand new one, it’s but essential that you be more conscientious than usual before making your final decision. Having said that, as your trusted experts in the truck wreckers Melbourne industry, we’ve come up with something that can help you out in this situation.

Our crew of knowledgeable Melbourne wreckers have been removing scrap trucks and buying old trucks for more than 20 years now. And believe us, if you want to get more value for your hard-earned money, then you’d have to do more than just ask the previous owner about the truck’s performance and upkeep. It’s not enough that the second-hand truck runs perfectly and its price fits your budget. Used truck buyers such as yourself would have to consider 3 major things before really making that purchase decision – here are those:

THE FEATURES: How its capabilities suit all your business’ needs

Small, medium, and heavy duty trucks all have different ‘cool’ features that may really entice you – thinking that you need to have those. But ask yourself, will your business (and your truck driver) really need those? Don’t go buying on impulse and then ending up with a rig that’s more than what you want and need. We recommend that you jot down your specific requirements for a truck. Then, compare it to the truck’s list of features and capabilities. See if its towing and storage capacity, engine condition, horsepower, interior cab features, fuel economy, and reliability fit your business operation’s workload, processes, and schedules. Here are some of the questions that can help you evaluate:

  • Are you willing to trade good fuel mileage for an engine that’s more powerful to tow and haul?
  • Will the truck be used for daily delivery or just occasionally to run errands for your business?
  • Would you be needing one that’s reliable even in off-road or winter season?
  • Is it okay for you to have a manual transmission truck? And what safety features would you require?
  • Will your truck travel with just the driver or does your business operations require a crew to go along every trip?

THE CURRENT CONDITION: Pay attention to what’s underneath all that metal

Don’t let the flashy chrom trims, nice wheels, and cool interior gadgets distract you. Remember that these are but bonuses that you need not prioritise. First and foremost, since you’re about to buy a truck that has already been used either commercially or industrially, you have to dig in a little deeper to know the real score about its condition. It’s simply not enough that its previous owner has relayed to you how he used or what he did with that truck before.

If you think you don’t have enough knowledge or experience about trucks, it’s best that you seek help from your trusted mechanic. Then do a rigorous inspection of the vehicle. Here are just some of the things that you need to double check:

  • Oil leaks (and condition)
  • Engine condition
  • Wearing of the interior cab components and accessories, if any.
  • Axle configuration, capacity and horsepower
  • Brake pads and steering components
  • Surface and Structural rust

THE UPKEEP: How it was maintained and what you need to do to sustain

Don’t let yourself go on second-guessing with all the questions you have. Directly ask for the truck’s maintenance logs and records. This will give you a good idea of how well the truck was taken care of. Search for an structural and engine work that may have already been done; and don’t neglect the minor repairs done as well. Also, the records must let you know if the oil was changed on a regular basis – so check if the mileage and dates coincides with the info stated on the records. Honestly, it must already be a red flag if the truck doesn’t come with any kind of service and maintenance record. If the seller really cannot provide you with these, ask for the specific reason why it is so. Sadly, you’ll have to judge whether or not his reason/s are justifiable.

Moreover, you also have to see whether keeping that truck is worth it in the long run. Preferably, research on the costs of all the maintenance and improvement services you would have to get for that truck if ever you’ll end up buying it. See if you can easily find and purchase spare parts, accessories, and consumables for that brand and kind of truck.

With this guide, used truck buying is not as stressful and complicated as you once thought. After you’ve carefully looked into these 3 major things, the greater your chances are of scoring an affordable truck that’s going to help your trade for many more years.

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