10 Truck Facts We Bet You Don’t Know

Truck Facts

All of us know that trucks (and truck drivers) are the heroes that keep our businesses and economy going. Small businesses, multinational companies, and worldwide industries simply rely on these vehicles to survive. But apart from that, do you know other things about trucks and the trucking industry? Well if you don’t, we really couldn’t blame you as these heroes have been staying behind the limelight technically ever since. So while we’re at it, why don’t let us – Advance Truck Wreckers – help you stretch your knowledge about the workhorses we truly benefit from?

As your trusted experts in the cash for trucks and truck wreckers Melbourne industry, allow us to share with you 10 fun facts, all about trucks, that you probably still don’t know until now:

How did the word ‘truck’ come about?

It was in the year 1611 where the word ‘truck’ was first used (and documented). Back then, it referred to the heavy-duty wheels on the cannon carriages of ships. By the year 1711, the term was used to describe the carts designed for transporting heavy items.

Are trucks really designed to be durable?

Truck engines are actually designed to be able to travel one million miles before you need to buy a new one – as opposed to car engines that are built to travel just about 200,000 miles.

How much fuel do they really use?

According to research, a commercial truck uses an estimated 20,500 gallons of fuel per year. Passenger cars however use only 500 gallons annually.

Is trucking really a quintessential masculine job?

Even if 47% of all the workforce in the world are women, only 6% are women truck drivers. In fact, the very first woman truck driver to earn a commercial driver’s license was Lillie McGee. That was in 1929.

How have the trucks improved in terms of emissions?

Thanks to advanced technology, it would take 60 clean diesel trucks (of today) just to equal the amount of exhaust emissions of just a single truck from the late 80s.

Who invented the very first heavy-duty truck?

In 1914, over a hundred years ago, Charles Freuhauf invented a tractor-trailer; simply because someone is in need of a vehicle that could haul a boat.

How dangerous is having truck driving as a profession?

Almost all truck drivers in the whole world get hurt and acquire illnesses a lot – being one of the highest rates of occupational hazards, injuries, and illnesses. And because truckers can be away from home for weeks, some even exhibit symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Want to have an idea of how much trucks carry?

According to a research, in the US alone, trucks carry 73% of all the cargo – not in number of items, but in weight. As a matter of fact, every day, there are 4 million shipments of Dangerous Goods (gases, explosives, radioactive material, etc) in the US; and 94% of those are carried by trucks.

How long do most truck drivers really drive?

The majority of truck drivers all over the world drive about 125,000 miles per year.

Want to know some famous people have driven trucks?

Celebrities and famous people like Abe Samuels, Elvis Presley, Rock Hudson, Sean Connery, Chevy Chase, and Liam Neeson have driven trucks at some point in their lives.

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